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Boyd’s Iced Tea

  Boyd's Iced TeaBoyd's Fresh Brewed Iced Tea meets consumer demand for high-quality, natural, refreshing flavors with health benefits. Boyd's offers an array of teas, from standards such as fresh brewed black or green tea, to flavored varieties such as  Tropical. Sweetening and flavoring products are available to help operators keep their iced tea offerings fun, exciting and tailored to their customers’ tastes. Torani® syrups include cane sugar sweetener, peach, strawberry, huckleberry and more. Pour a bottle straight into the dispenser or let guests customize their iced tea. Accompanying brewing equipment can accommodate any fresh brewed iced tea offering, regardless of size or volume, without compromising counter space. In addition, Boyd's Iced Tea provides new impactful merchandising that conveys the timeless appeal and high quality of fresh brewed iced tea. Flavor choices include:
  • Original Brew (black tea)
  • Original Brew Rainforest Blend (Rainforest Alliance Certified™)
  • Green Iced Tea
  • Lemonade Iced Tea
  • Tropical Iced Tea

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